I first met Dr. Lopez in February of 2020 after my wife reached out to her for some advice. I had gone to my primary physician earlier in the day because I was not feeling well. After running some tests and discovering that my blood glucose level was high, he sent me home with some insulin pens and I was told to come back in a couple of weeks for a follow-up. My wife reached out to Dr. Lopez who works alongside our pharmacy and told her what was happening and asked her what we should do. Dr. Lopez told my wife to get me to the hospital as soon as she could. Long story short after spending three hours at the hospital and several IVs later, I was told that my BG level was over 800 (880) and that I was lucky that I had not gone into a Diabetic coma.

I met with Dr. Lopez, and we discussed several options that I had available to me. I had been prescribed insulin by my doctor which included several finger sticks and insulin injections throughout the day. I was told that I would have to adjust my doses depending on what my readings were until it was under control. Dr. Lopez looked at what I was doing and recommended different insulin to take at bedtime to help bring my Diabetes under control. In the following months, Dr. Lopez discussed with me my diet and what steps I needed to take to possibly reduce my need for insulin. She showed me how to read food labels, watch my carbohydrate intake, and what was ok for me to continue eating, and things that I should avoid.

With the help of Dr. Lopez, my A1c went from over a 14 down to a 5.4 in under a year. My glucose went from 880 Mg/dl down to 92 Mg/dl. I am no longer doing finger sticks or insulin injections. I am currently taking Jardiance (insulin pill) once a day at breakfast. I also wear the Freestyle Libre to monitor my BG levels. Dr. Lopez feels that at this rate I might even be able to get off Jardiance.

My thanks to Dr. Lopez, she has been a lifesaver. I would highly recommend her for helping understand and get under control any medical needs or advice you may have.
Rob F
Tammy is amazing. She is and will forever be a part of my glam squad. My cheerleader to help me cope with being diagnosed as Diabetic Type 2. When I was first diagnosed several years ago, I didn’t take my health seriously. I was able to maintain blood sugar levels and that was good enough. Everything was status quo until my father passed away and I stopped taking care of myself. I was good or I thought I was for the past 5 years until I was recently hospitalized for a week and it was my eye opener. My “it just got real” moment. When I was released from the hospital, I signed up again with Tammy so she can help me get back on track. I listened and I took all her advice in. I can proudly say that in less than 6 months, I have turned my life around.

I lost almost 40 pounds and I brought my A1C down from 14 to a 5.8. I am no longer on insulin. Tammy cares and it shows. She texted with me daily about my food intake and gave me subtle changes that I was able to adopt into everyday life. I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything. I have been taught to read labels and to search for alternative choices. Tammy helped keep my mental health as well. Hearing you have diabetes you feel like your choices are gone and that is all that anybody will see is your disease.

Tammy gives you the facts about what your body is doing and what could happen. Not to scare you, but to let you know what could happen if you continue down this path. I am so glad that Tammy is in my corner and has given me the tools and the knowledge to change my life and eating habits. I have friends who still make cookies for me, but they use diabetic friendly ingredients. I can have my sandwich, because I was shown other alternatives that won’t spike my blood sugar levels.

I adopted a new way of thinking and feeling. I am worthy of taking care of and it is up to me. I can only hope that I influence those around me to help in my journey down this path.
Deanna W