Common Questions & Answers

Below is a list of common questions and their answers. Of course, you can also contact me at any time with any additional questions. 

Dr. Tammy Lopez consultative services are cash-based only. Some specialty labs can be paid for by your Health Spending Account (HAS) or Flex Spending Account (FSA) if covered.

 Dr. Tammy Lopez does not function as a primary care provider (PCP), nor take the place of your PCP.  All clients should have a PCP to cover for acute needs, routine care, and screening.  Every client I see will need to have seen their PCP within the past year and had their basic labs done.  In some cases, it may also be requested that they return to their PCP and have additional labs/testing done before moving forward with any functional testing.  This will be case by case and under the discretion of the functional medicine provider.  

Great question! In order to learn about the comprehensive, all-inclusive program offerings, I ask that you schedule a free 15 minute health strategy discovery call.  We will then get into all of the amazing details and find the right program for you!

​Yes! I work with clients virtually from all over the world, via zoom, video conference or phone. 

 No worries I do all of the leg work and will drop-ship the lab kits to your home.  To complete the testing, you have the ability to visit a local lab or utilize an in-home phlebotomy service.  I will also be sending you instructional videos to simplify the whole process. Please keep in mind that lab work can only be done in the United States. Some labs can be done right in your home and you just need to mail out once they are completed.

No, I can apply all the principles and specialty labs offered in my program to anyone that has a chronic health condition or that wants to find the root cause of their ill health and reclaim their life and vitality back.